C.P. Studio's Services

CP Studio S.r.l. is able to meet all the project requirements by offering a comprehensive service, involving, if necessary, external professionals with proven experience who specialise in complementary fields such as geology, plant engineering (traditional and highly modern), landscape, mechanical design, land registry practices, etc.

The Studio is able to conduct its business in compliance with applicable European standards such as UNI, EUROCODE 3, BS, AFNOR, DIN, as well as ASTM and AASHTO.

The Studio pays particular attention to current issues related to energy saving and environmental sustainability, enhancing the various protocols and participating meticulously in courses, seminars and meetings on the relevant issues.

For these reasons, the company can offer valuable assistance in dealing with even the most complex design and planning issues.

Design and Planning

The design and planning process includes the preliminary, definitive and detailed plans, the installation plans, the bills of quantities, cost estimates, the work schedule, the safety plans at the planning phase and also, if required, the documents for shop-floor production and for feasibility. All this uses the latest software for engineering calculation, 2D and 3D design, programming and computing, such as Straus 7, Autocad with applications, Rhinoceros, MS Project, STR, in addition to normal Microsoft spreadsheet and word-processing software.

Project Management

Project management is carried out by the Studio’s qualified staff, in compliance with the applicable regulations of the country where the works are being effected, with a focus on the plan complying with the construction phase and also on the timely verification of compliance with the deadlines agreed in the construction schedule; the work also includes site accounting for the timely verification of compliance of the construction costs with those envisaged in the bill of quantities.

Siteshop Safety

Worksite safety, if requested by the Client, is developed and conducted in accordance with current regulations in the country where the works are taking place.

The safety plans at the construction sites are processed during the planning phase by qualified staff whose training is constantly updated, and who then follow those plans during the construction phase of the works.

Static Tests

The professionals at CP Studio are able to carry out the activities planned for the static testing of the works designed by third parties, according to current standards in the country in which they were carried out. The same professionals also perform checks regarding the seismic adequacy of buildings built before the entry into force of anti-seismic regulations.

The work is carried out both by our own personnel and through firms specialising in the use of special equipment for verification purposes.