About us

Following a decade of experience which began with a number of years at the biggest metalwork fabrication firm in Pordenone, which is now the sector leader in Italy and operates all over the world, where Leopoldo Gasparetto held the role of number-cruncher and prime contractor for work both in Italy and abroad, and where Fulvio Savian held various positions in the organisation, starting in the technical department before moving to the role of site manager and finally into production planning and the management of metalwork suppliers, Leopoldo and Fulvio decided to go “freelance”, founding the company CP Studio Srl in 1988.

At that time the company was based in Fiume Veneto, a town in the Pordenone area, and began providing technical advice to small and medium-sized metalwork fabrication companies who did not have an in-house technical department.

Since then, CP Studio has grown steadily over the years, acquiring a specific specialisation in designing steel and reinforced concrete structures such as road and railway bridges and public and industrial buildings, with more and more customers including public bodies such as ANAS , the Ferrovie dello Stato [the Italian state railway], municipalities and provincial entities.

The Studio’s work revolves around design and planning, from the preliminary plan to obtaining permits, the detailed planning stage, the supervision of works, site accounting, and the final testing of the works.

CP Studio has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification and the “NATO” code and has the latest technology and highly qualified personnel for its design and planning activities, thanks to which/whom it is able to conduct its business in compliance with key national and foreign regulations.

Today, CP Studio has its operational and legal headquarters in Pordenone, at Via Udine 80, and has some very prestigious clients including, but not limited to, Cimolai Spa, Bit SpA, Uniblok SLU, Speidel GmbH, Friuli Venezia Giulia Strade SpA, RFI, Italferr, Saipem.